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Please do let us know if you spot any glitches or something not working correctly.

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BA-MEN: Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism
in Southern California
A Gay & Bi Male Nudist Group
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Have pride in your penis, no matter what color it is!

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[Polls] Please view our Opinion & Event Poll page and let us know what you think of various events being planned and other topics we'd like your opinions on.

Newest polls:  Club Committee Meetings & Spring 2016 Trip to Tecopa MINERAL Hot Springs & Death Valley wildflowers.

[Newsletters] You can find our Newsletters here, including our December 2016 issue!

All 121 of our newsletters are now online - from January 2003 to December 2016!

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Please note that Flickr requires that you sign-in with a (free) Yahoo account, pick a Flickr handle if you've not done so, and disable your safe mode filter to view all images on our page.  You will only see a few photos if you don't do this.

Tumblr Follow us on social networking on Tumblr to view miscellaneous photos that agree with our social nudist/naturist lifestyle as well as see announcements of new newsletters & upcoming events.

If you would like to donate or join BA-MEN, please contact us and let us know, along with what payment method you prefer (Square Cash, Bluebird, PopMoney, PayPal, check, M.O., or credit or debit card).

Currently Scheduled Events:

Use the Agenda button/link to see all events and be able to view full event descriptions by clicking the titles.

[Calendar] To view the above calendar on a page by itself or get our calendar on your iCal/.ics compatible calendar or your own Google Calendar page, click here.

To RSVP for one of our events, feel free to use our new RSVP forums (Main RSVP Form, Hotel Party RSVP Form, or Trip RSVP Form), or email us.

* For all events above, bring your own beverages, towel to sit on at all times, a towel for after spa and/or shower, snacks to share (if you want snacks), and if exchanging massage, non-staining massage lotion, gel, or oil, and a large/beach towel or bath sheet or even a flat sheet.

Smoking is not permitted indoors at any event listed above.  You must dress and smoke only in designated outdoors areas only.  (On trips, smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor areas.)

BA-MEN does not allow "poppers", 420, or any other drugs at any event.

AHP = After-Hours Party, only during which time is safe sex play allowed, usually after the event is over and the uninterested have a chance to leave.

[E-Mail] To attend an event or ask for more info on an event, email us at:

If we're not local to you or you like to travel, please check out our list of brother clubs.

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